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The job market is brutal and has been at least since I gradu nighthawk08/29/17
nighthawk (Aug 29, 2017 - 12:20 pm)

The job market is brutal and has been at least since I graduated law school. Therefore, newbie and somewhat newbie lawyers need to present themselves properly.

Note the following:
-good idea to network on linkedin
-people will not hire you just because you connected on linkedin
-present your credentials on your webpage; those hiring want to hire because they think that you can be productive, not because you need the job
-litigating family law cases does not give you M & A credentials
-small Chapter 13 bankruptcies are different than large Chapter 11 bankruptcies
-only put relevant credentials on your linkedin page, which excludes your favorite watering hole
-don't put every possible legal practice area as your expertise because people will not consider you an expert; note that this is a profession that emphasizes expertise
-your picture should be professional, like wearing a suit, and not a facebook pose
-KISS (keep it simple/short stupid)

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