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AmeriCorps Legal Fellowship

I have a phone interview next week for an AmeriCorps Fellows dharamsala01/28/18
BUMP. Anyone? dharamsala01/31/18
I'll bite because I posted a career related question today.. jd4hire01/31/18
jd4hire, so good news, your advice helped, and the Managing dharamsala02/01/18
dharamsala (Jan 28, 2018 - 5:23 pm)

I have a phone interview next week for an AmeriCorps Fellowship at a non-profit legal aid organization in a fairly rural area. The job entails working on a medical-legal partnership focused on the Native American community. Has anyone else interviewed for AmeriCorps legal fellowships? What should I expect and how should I prepare?

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dharamsala (Jan 31, 2018 - 2:41 pm)

BUMP. Anyone?

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jd4hire (Jan 31, 2018 - 3:28 pm)

I'll bite because I posted a career related question today... I have no personal experience, but my wife worked on an AmeriCorps Legal internship with a legal aid group in an urban setting. She told me she thought she would "find the end of the internet" that summer as they really didn't have work for her to do. Nonetheless, she got paid and it was a summer internship.

As to what to expect in the interview, I'd say that it depends on so many missing facts - who you interview with, what a medical-legal partnership for Native Americans even means, etc.

I'd expect your interviewer to be the ED or department head of the legal aid group. They will want to hear about your desire to help individuals such as Native-Americans, your interest in medical-legal partnerships, etc.

To prepare, learn as much as you can about the tribe's needs, the partnership, the legal aid group, and your interviewer. Facebook creep, scour the internet, search local newspapers for articles about the group, etc. If you have an electronic judiciary database, run the interviewers names and see what types of cases they have entered on.

For expectations, it's an interview. They'll ask you questions and then you ask them questions. I'd have a few pre-planned questions - what's the funding source, how long is it guaranteed, do you find this personally rewarding...Interviews vary so widely dependent upon the person and organization. It might be 1 on 1 or 6 on 1. They might have you interview with 6 different people in 15 minute increments. It all varies.

Work to connect on some similar interest/ trait, hobby, etc.

Once done, write a handwritten thank you to each interviewer. Have them be similar but different. Try and reference one specific item that person said or did that struck a cord with you. Do this even if you have no interest in the job. It might be forgotten or the interviewer could later be appointed to some great agency, looking for an attorney when they run across your resume and say "holy cow that's old dharamsala, the dude with all the C&F issues who wrote that handwritten thank you five years ago. No need to interview, they're hired!"

Just teasing on the C&F issues. My two cents.

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dharamsala (Feb 1, 2018 - 10:14 pm)

jd4hire, so good news, your advice helped, and the Managing Attorney at the end of the interview said that she would like me to work at their organization and expressed that she was impressed with my credentials.

HOWEVER...I interviewed for a 2 year fellowship (2/3 fellows hired permanently) last week, and haven't heard back. This fellowship is in my desired state, and I believe pays more. In addition, I worked closely over several months with the host organization in my desired state to develop the fellowship proposal, and I don't want to burn bridges. The AmeriCorps thing is in Alaska.

What should I do?

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