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30 years for a few grams of weed is a bit high; how long before the 2nd am. falls?

times change, slowly. http://www.thecrimson.com/article/1 defensivelawyer02/23/18
At the height of the Vietnam war, reported casualties were i ugly02/26/18
I doubt school shootings will make a difference, regardless pisces21302/26/18
defensivelawyer (Feb 23, 2018 - 10:12 am)

times change, slowly.


if there were one school shooting per day with 100 deaths, would that be enough for a little hundreds control? what about 5000 dead kids a day?

freedom isn't free. I'd say the nation would accept 110 dead kids per week, max

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ugly (Feb 26, 2018 - 12:02 pm)

At the height of the Vietnam war, reported casualties were in the thousands (between 1-2, closer to 1) every month. The media coverage turned public opinion into a negative one - and painted the war as an illegitimate war. Groups with vested interests were mostly limited to families of soldiers, mostly the drafted ones and the dodgers.

With the 2d amd., the group with vested interest is much larger than the groups involved in the Vietnam war. And the vested interest is not only money and expectation of safety of his/her kids, it's also the ability for "self defense" or safety of self. These people are not only engaged monetarily, but are indoctrinated on a principle they are not willing to give up. It'll likely take much more than deaths of thousands of kids in school shooting to change their minds before any profound shift in 2d. Amd. changes occur.

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pisces213 (Feb 26, 2018 - 12:17 pm)

I doubt school shootings will make a difference, regardless of how many die. If it's a caucasian shooter, it will be the person's mental health. If it's not, it'll be either an immigration issue, a terrorist attack, or thug violence issue.

Even if it somehow becomes a gun problem, we'll have people talking about the economic effect and the number of jobs that will be lost due to gun manufacturers going out of business, and a whole lot more discussion and testimony from "legal gun owners."

In my mind, we should really start regulating ammunitions first, so that you can't have civilians use military grade bullets. Don't think the amendment talks about bullets.

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