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Are any of you part of a legal plan? There is one that I'm r cranky04/13/19
cranky (Apr 13, 2019 - 10:07 pm)

Are any of you part of a legal plan? There is one that I'm ready to quit. I'm sick and tired of the low pay, aggravating members who keep wasting my time, and the company ignoring most of my queries. I had this one doofus divorce client who would ignore me or only respond partially to emails, took forever to get back to me, etc. Nothing would happen for months because both spouses were so aggravatingly passive. Usually if the person were paying me my normal hourly rate I wouldn't care but with most legal plans, the attorney doesn't get paid until all of the work is completed. So I sent the company an email asking if I could at least get paid for what I had done, as an interim payment, instead of having to wait who-knows-how-long, maybe another year, before all of the person's allotted hours of coverage are used up. No response and it's been 2 months. Finally I told the person I'm through with the case, due to the lack of payment and it looks like no one cares about resolution. This company seems like it's run by people who are not attorneys at all. The rates are ridiculous for the majority of the cases that they expect attorneys to handle for a flat fee.

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