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ACTlF.Y Solutions

ACTlFY Solutions, a document preparation company, assists in canon8304/18/19
canon83 (Apr 18, 2019 - 7:58 am)

ACTlFY Solutions, a document preparation company, assists indebted individuals with invalidating their debt. Part of the process involves allowing one’s credit card account to go into default and wait until the creditor assigns the debt to a third party collector. They approached my friend’s relative and claimed to reduce their credit card debt; unfortunately, several months after signing up with them, his credit deteriorated and that he was sued directly by the creditors, and in some cases, third party debt collectors or assignees. Actify, in exchange for $300 per month for 24 months, did nothing to reduce the debt prior to the suit, but did negotiate the amount of damages via a settlement.

Has anyone had any success suing this type of company?

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