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Off Topic Forum Rules

What are the rules?

What is this forum for? What is considered off-topic discussion?
Topics not suitable for discussion in the Law Forum can be discussed here. But you need to keep it Safe for work (SFW). Basically, if you can't discuss it with your boss or grandma, it probably shouldn't go here.

What happens if I flout these rules?
Flouting these rules will get you banned from this forum.

Will you provide a warning before you ban me?
I will not provide any warning. It is not my job to baby-sit you. I don't have the time to explain to you what you did wrong. And then get into long winded arguments with you. So err on the side of caution. Be nice. Be polite. It's not that hard.

I don't agree with these rules. They are arbitrary. They are ruining this forum.
Then Leave. You don't want to be part of a ruined forum! So GTFO.

Your rules violate the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution! What about free speech? You can't censor a public forum!
This is a private forum.

I see someone disobeying these rules. Someone is being rude to me.
Please report them to me immediately, Email me at [email protected] If they are indeed violating the rules, they will be banned from this forum.