Remembering TCPaul, 2016-2019

Mueller inserting himself between Trump & Putin until 2020 election, get used to it Trumpklumpfs

"The Russia Probe: A Timeline From Moscow To Mueller" just backfromthedead01/05/19
"The crazy new evidence that Trump’s Russia problem is far backfromthedead01/06/19
all this smoke and mirrors WALL hoopla Trump has concocted i backfromthedead01/07/19
backfromthedead (Jan 5, 2019 - 11:36 pm)

"The Russia Probe: A Timeline From Moscow To Mueller"
just looking out for the people of the United States of America, got a problem with that Trumpklumpfs? tell me about it cause I'd really like to know, oh yeah and while you're at it can you tell us what was said between Trump and Putin in Helsinki when Trump kicked everyone out of the room including top staff and the transcriptionist whose job it is to keep a public record of government business between two heads of state?

backfromthedead (Jan 6, 2019 - 5:51 pm)

"The crazy new evidence that Trump’s Russia problem is far worse than we all thought" -- Will Bunch

"It’s doubtful that either you or Donald J. Trump read this online Washington Post opinion piece from Dec. 4 that
outlines an otherwise little-reported push by Russian lawmakers allied with Putin for a resolution that would justify
their country’s 1979 invasion and reverse an 1989 vote backed by then-USSR leader Mikhail Gorbachev that had
condemned it. The Putinists’ goal is to pass the resolution by the 30th anniversary of the invasion, in February.
OK, maybe it’s a coincidence that a babbling Trump -- who certainly gives the appearance of saying whatever
pops into his mind -- just happened to make the same obscure argument as Putin’s minions halfway across the
globe. But on Thursday night, I and a couple of other million folks saw a remarkable report by MSNBC’s Rachel
Maddow that tied together some wild threads (for which she credited other journalists such as Vladimir Kara-
Murza, author of that Post op-ed, and New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait, as well as her own Steve Benen).
It turns out Trump’s bizarre, historically incorrect Afghanistan riff is part of a pattern in which either the president
or his administration has mimicked obscure foreign-policy points linked directly to Putin and / or Russian
intelligence ops, and to virtually no one else -- certainly not anyone in the American diplomatic community."

backfromthedead (Jan 7, 2019 - 5:20 am)

all this smoke and mirrors WALL hoopla Trump has concocted is nothing but Trump's PR way of trying to DEFLECT from the REAL national security problem Mueller is working on and it's not homeless immigrants but Trump himself -- Trump is trying to come across all uber national security concerned but that's a desperate front -- Trump's going all out to dress himself in the American flag when in reality he's Kompromised and Mueller's on it / Trump knows it and sorry Trumpklumpfs but I ain't no Mr Plumber
“We have to wonder why these talking points that are clearly Kremlin talking points end up in Donald Trump’s mouth,” O’Brien said. “He’s probably the most wildly ill-informed and illiterate president we have had in the Oval Office and he would be hard-pressed to find Afghanistan on a map.”

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