Remembering TCPaul, 2016-2019

Trump's pathological money grubbing ways kicked in to high gear on inauguration day -- CANDY STORE!!

"Trump’s Inaugural Grift Reportedly Lined His Own Pockets" backfromthedead02/08/19
backfromthedead (Feb 8, 2019 - 8:03 pm)

"Trump’s Inaugural Grift Reportedly Lined His Own Pockets"
I feel sorry for them legal slugs over at DOJ sloggin' their way through / trying to quash the lawsuit accusing "Defendant" President Donald J Trump of "violating anti-corruption provisions in the U.S. Constitution", I'd personally feel really slimy putting my legal creds on the line / to work for such an obviously sleazy "lining your pockets bigtime at taxpayer expense" kind of money-grubbing POTUS who made big $$$$$ by, among a long myriad list of other things, "charging the inauguration $175,000 a day for use of Trump Hotel ballroom and conference rooms"

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