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nobody wants impeachment proceedings to begin more than Repubs - don't give it to them

Trump clearly / blatantly dog whistling to his neanderthal b backfromthedead01/05/19
backfromthedead (Jan 5, 2019 - 1:29 pm)

Trump clearly / blatantly dog whistling to his neanderthal base who need something like the "Kavanaugh hearings" to get them fired up -- Pelosi didn't fall for it, she knew what Trump was up to cause she knows Fox News and the right wing nut case radio hosts desperately need something to get their ratings up and Trump's base all agitated
"During Friday's meeting, Mr. Trump also brought up the topic of impeachment, railing against calls by some Democrats to impeach him, according to a source familiar with the exchange.
"Why does everyone want to impeach me, Nancy?" Mr. Trump asked.
No one wants to impeach you, Pelosi told the president and tried to move the focus of the meeting back to border security."

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